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Telegraaf Tom Tomeij fotografie


This was a crazy month! First I won my first two This is Reportage awards. This is Reportage is the most prestious platform for wedding photographers and a very big honour to be selected!

After the awards were announced Boredpanda published an article of the Best Wedding photos taken during the pandamic. is a huge platform with over 100 milion unique views per month! My photo is now Number 1! And the article has been published all over the world.

I am honoured to see that many people were touched by his photo as it was a very emotional moment at the time it was captured on camera. The bride and grandfather were suddenly very much aware of the intense situation we are in. Covid19 has an impact on all of us. I will always remember this wedding and have very much respect for the family who came up with the creative solution of using plastic cuddle sheets. Thank you for the votes.


Boredpanda tom Tomeij


I was aspecially moved bij the comment: this made me wheep. There is no bigger compliment for an artist! To make a emotional connetion with your audience is very rewarding!

Reviews boredpanda


The article is published worldwide: – Vanity Fair Italië – Korea – China – Thailand – –

There are still a lot of options for wedding couples for expample we can do a loveshoot at special locations.



Please contact me for more options, I would love to help find ways which are safe and fun, so that the Pandamic does not spoil the fun of getting married and the journey to your wedding day!


Love Tom

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